Dear IOTA Members

In the presence of the current COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic International Ovarian Tumor Analysis (IOTA) group would like to support you with the newest guidelines and news related to safety and performance of ultrasound assignments. 

The International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (ISUOG) has compiled the following expert-opinion-based guidance for the performance of ultrasound investigations in pregnancy and for gynaecological indications.

Within this document : Link , you can find the guidance document regarding preparation, cleaning of ultrasound equipment as well as protecting the patient and ultrasound providers.

ISUOG and IOTA websites you can also find free links to the two excellent Webinars organized by Prof. Tom Bourne:

ISUOG Webpage

ISUOG COVID-19 Resources Page

Download now: ISUOG Safety Statement

ISUOG Safety Committee Position Statement on use of personal protective equipment and hazard mitigation in relation to SARS-CoV-2 for practitioners undertaking obstetric and gynecological ultrasound.

Download now: ISUOG Safety Committee Position Statement on COVID19 and PPE



Additionally, you are invited to explore the latest infromation from Prof. Antonia Testa from Italy on  “How to perform lung ultrasound in pregnant women with suspected COVID‐19 infection“

Under specific circumstances, such as during the current COVID‐19 outbreak, pregnant women can be a target for respiratory infection, and lung examination may be required as part of their clinical evaluation, ideally avoiding exposure to radiation. We propose a practical approach for obstetricians/gynecologists to perform lung ultrasound, showing potential applications, semiology and practical aspects, which should be of particular importance in emergency situations, such as the current pandemic infection of COVID‐19.




We wish you all a safe and healthy future for you, your families and your patients. 

On behalf of IOTA Steering Committee 

Dirk Timmerman, Tom Bourne, Antonia Testa, Lil Valentin